A View on Maine’s Renewable Energy: Kay Rand

Many see big growth in Maine’s renewable energy potential. James W. Sewall Co., a Maine-based company with 140 years of civil engineering experience, has a view of that future from the ground up. For our first piece in a series of interviews with Sewall’s experts, we speak with Kay Rand, who sits on Sewall’s board […]

Maine’s Recovering Traffic Volumes

By Diane Morabito, PE, PTOE Just as many Mainers have recovered from Coronavirus, our traffic volumes are also recovering.  In early March, after the Governor’s Stay-at-Home order, traffic volumes on Maine’s highways were less than 50% of normal volumes.  Volumes have been increasing and rebounding steadily since April.  Now, in October, Maine is about to […]

The role of software development in an ArcGIS Enterprise deployment

By Gary Mullaney   While many client needs can be met using the standard, out-of-the box set of tools that come with ArcGIS, sometimes they fall short. Sewall’s software developers can customize tools to produce significant gains in efficiency and productivity that are not as costly as people may think. Aren’t there plenty of rich delivery […]

Coronavirus and Its Impact on Maine Traffic Volumes

By Diane W. Morabito, PE, PTOE, Vice President of Traffic Engineering Coronavirus and the Governor’s Stay-at-Home order have had a profound impact on traffic in Maine with both positive and negative outcomes.  Traffic volumes on Maine roadways dropped dramatically from early March to early April.  At that point, traffic volumes on Maine highways were less […]

WoodPro: GIS Software-as-a-Service for Wood Procurement

Gary Mullaney   April 8, 2020 At Sewall, we’ve been in the forest land mapping business for a very long time – since 1880 – most often for those who own and manage forest land. In the last seven years, we have begun to serve wood procurement professionals with GIS tools and data. Why? Here’s the […]