Pavement Management–Retail

Sewall is your local expert that can help create a documented pavement management plan based on life-cycle costs that will save your community money. Our engineers allow an a-la-carte approach to pavement management and are here to help with evaluations and ratings, designing repairs, providing cost estimates and comparisons, creating bid documents and advertising to contractors, providing construction oversight, and attending meetings, or any combination of these services.

Did you know that Maine drivers spend up to $1,561 annually in additional vehicle maintenance due to deficient roadways? Don’t let your roads be part of the problem. We can provide you with a long-term plan that will not only address the most immediate needs but serve your town for years to come. It will clearly illustrate the cost savings when compared to the historically inadequate “fix it because we have to” plan. And as a bonus, we will give you access to our Better Roads application which allows municipal decision makers to view and edit evaluation data, recommended repair sequences and estimated costs to assist in shaping multi-year maintenance plans that work for your budget. Find out more here: Better Roads