Site Minder

Your field inspection companion

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Infrastructure can be affected by weather events, deterioration, abutter issues, and environmental impacts. Site Minder – RemoteTM, Sewall’s robust and interactive GIS mobile application solution, and its companion dashboard, Site Minder – ManagerTM, uses inspection forms to optimize field inspections, maintenance, and decision-making processes for field crews and managers.

Site Minder – RemoteTM is designed to work offline in remote areas, allowing field crews to easily capture inspection information. Data synchronization before and after the fieldwork places current inspection data in the hands of both the field crews and managers, optimizing and streamlining business operations.


Mobile Infrastructure Inspections

  • Offline data collection built on the latest Esri technology
  • Customized inspection reporting capabilities
  • Detailed datasets and digital imagery
  • Document inspections from start to resolution
  • Attach photos to inspections

Site minder inspections graphic

Remote Decision Making

  • Data synchronization with Site Minder – ManagerTM
  • Filter data to simplify reviews
  • Report action items to field crews
  • Reporting and printing options
  • Guide project management, planning, and design


  • Standardized data collection
  • User-friendly interface
  • Incident escalation and prioritization
  • Customizable and expandable for changing project or organizational needs

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