The Challenge During the last five years, the demand for renewable energy resources has increased dramatically, increasing the need for accurate information and analysis on potentially available resources, optimal siting, and environmental impacts and benefits. The success of renewable energy development depends on a careful preliminary assessment, planning, permitting, site and facilities development, and asset […]

Geospatial Services

Unlocking the “power of where” for each unique client need. As an ESRI Business Partner, Sewall stands in the gap between clients’ needs and the complexity of the world’s leading Geographic Information System technology. We design, build and operate GIS solutions that address the workflow and data management challenges our clients face.  Sewall’s geospatial services […]

Civil Engineering

Designing it right the first time. Sewall depends on a comprehensive understanding of our client’s goals to appropriately plan and design your projects.   We will guide you through the permitting process and expectations at on the beginning of a project and provide you with a realistic scope of work and fee proposal to limit […]


High Definition Surveying via Remote Sensing and 3D Modeling. The oldest surveying firm in Maine, Sewall has conducted boundary surveys and produced topographic mapping for private and commercial landowners, business and government organizations, and utilities since 1880. Our team utilizes traditional methodologies and advanced technologies to collect the prolific data detail required to provide the […]


Wood Supply Due Diligence Analysis: Independent analysis of the long term reliability and cost of furnish for a wood-using mill of any type. Wood Supply Strategic Analysis: Single-issue or comprehensive analysis of how changing resource conditions, competition, and other factors will affect long term wood supply. Wood Supply Screening Resource Analysis: Identification and ranking of […]


Do I need a permit for this?  We know the answer! Sewall has worked closely with local, state and federal regulatory agencies through many years of business to provide our clients with the information they need to get permits approved. This includes site law, NEPA, MS4, permit by rule, traffic movement, and driveway permitting.

Transportation & Traffic Engineering

Efficient and reliable traffic systems. Our Transportation team offers decades of experience and expertise in the study and design of infrastructure that moves people: roads, highways, bridges, bike, and pedestrian paths, signalized intersections, roundabouts, and signals including cutting edge technology like RTMS, adaptive signals, and ITS.  Our staff has successfully obtained thousands of traffic movement […]

Funding Support

When the project conversation turns to finance – let our team help We’re skilled at providing capital infrastructure planning, alternative financing, economic development, stakeholder management, creative funding solutions, access to funding through our strategic partnerships, life-cycle cost analysis, or project delivery support. Sewall’s team of experts has decades of successful experience teaming with businesses from […]

Structural Engineering

Safety is our priority. Sewall specializes in bridge load ratings and associated inspection services as well as highway ancillary structure inspections. Our visual assessments assist decision-makers in determining structural integrity, functionality, and durability.  


Sewall has worked in the forestry and natural resource sectors since its inception in 1880. Markets and sectors served: TIMO/Institutional/REIT  Private Investor  Forest Industry  Environmental NGO  Public  Forest Carbon  Services Include: GIS consulting  Remote sensing (satellite and aerial based)  Forest data analytics  Fiber supply studies   Wood basin analysis   Economic studies     GIS application development and hosting  Land and forest cover type mapping