Turbine Component Transport Planning

Various Locations throughout Maine

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Sewall has provided engineering and survey services for the offsite work of several wind farms in Maine. The services include the selection and analysis of transport routes and the design of upgrades to public roads to allow the turbine vehicles to pass. Route selection identifies potential transportation routes from the seaport or other offloading locations to the project site. The over-the-road wind turbine transports can be 209’± in length, 13’ wide and 16’ high. Challenges typically encountered during transport include low clearance under transport vehicles, overhead clearances, and horizontal clearance issues along the route. Sewall conducts field reviews of the potential routes to identify potential issues.
Once the potential routes have been selected, Sewall conducts field surveys and works with selected trucking specialists for the wind farm, the Maine Department of Transportation (MaineDOT), and local towns and cities to develop plans for permanent or temporary modifications. Sewall develops these plans to meet MaineDOT and/or local requirements to acquire permits for the necessary work.

Wind Farm Locations throughout Maine that Sewall has provided offsite engineering services include:

  • Kibby Wind, Kibby Township, ME
  • Record Hill Wind, Roxbury, ME
  • Bull Hill Wind, T16MD, Hancock County, ME
  • Bowers Mountain Wind, Carroll Plantation, ME
  • Passadumkeag Wind, Grand Falls, ME
  • Highland Wind, Highland Plantation, ME
  • Bingham Wind, Bingham, ME
  • Hancock Wind, T16 MD, ME