Pavement Management–Commercial

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Sewall is very familiar with infrastructure management, pavement planning, evaluation, and maintenance of residential and retail developments. In the past ten years, Sewall has completed on-site infrastructure evaluations of over 750 different facilities, including private developments, retail shopping centers, and military sites. With this experience, Sewall has several engineers and trained technicians (including three survey crews) who are familiar with performing pavement, site, and ADA accessibility compliance evaluations and ASTM D6433 Standard Practice for Roads and Parking Lots Pavement Condition Index Surveys and ADAAG Accessible Disability Guidelines. Sewall also utilizes MicroPaver and software loaded field tablets to collect site data, evaluate parking lots, and determine Pavement Condition Index (PCI) numbers to assist in shaping multi-year maintenance plans for future repairs.

We also provide pavement marking, striping, traffic, drainage, and signage improvement plans for a number of clients and homeowners associations including leading national retail chains throughout the United States. In addition, for the last seven years, Sewall creates bid- ready documents that are sent out to contractors for our clients’ fiscal year maintenance projects. We also advise our clients on sustainable pavement systems and rehabilitation strategies using the pavement preservation curve.