Solar Site Design & Permitting


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In early 2020, Sewall provided civil design and permitting services for five individual solar projects located in Maine municipalities. All designs took into account individual town or city ordinances.

For the sites, Sewall provided the civil site layout and design based on the solar array requirements and access needs. Civil plans included access road plan & profiles, typical sections, stormwater calculations/plans, sedimentation and erosion control plans, and construction details.  Sewall also designed stormwater treatment measures to meet the MaineDEP’s chapter 500 standards for their Site Location of Development act permitting, stormwater permitting as well as their stormwater permit-by-rule processes, depending on the size of the development.   Stormwater design included treatment measure design, all supporting calculations and required permit narratives.

In addition to DEP requirements, Sewall also met additional municipal standards, if required, for flooding, watershed management, and runoff controls. Sewall provided the municipalities with additional calculations and stormwater design to meet the specific municipalities’ standards.

Sewall also prepared and submitted MaineDOT entrance permit packages and plans for the sites as needed.