• Wood Supply Due Diligence Analysis: Independent analysis of the long term reliability and cost of furnish for a wood-using mill of any type.
  • Wood Supply Strategic Analysis: Single-issue or comprehensive analysis of how changing resource conditions, competition, and other factors will affect long term wood supply.
  • Wood Supply Screening Resource Analysis: Identification and ranking of locations with the best potential wood supply.
  • WoodPro: Customized geospatial application to support wood procurement personnel, track vertical inventory and build competitive intelligence.
  • Forestry Technical Services Outsourcing: Operations and data handling for existing forest inventory, GIS, and forest planning systems.
  • Forest Economics and Policy Studies: Issue research, analysis, and recommendations. Includes survey data collection.
  • Geospatial Application Development: Design and development of browser-delivered or mobile-device based applications that are map-centric.
  • Satellite Imagery Processing: Selection, cloud masking, and mosaicing of imagery for target dates using both Landsat and Sentinel.
  • Satellite Imagery Interpretation: Classification and change detection, which can be combined to generate forest cover type and age data.