photo headshot of Diane Vatne

Diane Vatne

Communications & Proposal Manager

Dr. Diane Vatne is the Communications and Proposal Manager at Sewall, entrusted with proposal processes, such as rating, writing, editing, and producing the final product, and reading the resulting contracts. Communications work includes maintaining the corporate web site and LinkedIn page; writing and producing marketing documents, advertisements, and press releases; and coordinating conference representation and presentations. 

Diane has a PhD in Italian Renaissance Art, so if you happen to have a renaissance painting or sculpture in your basement, you know who to call. She also studies paintings by Bangor artist Jeremiah Pearson Hardy (1800-1888) and has written several museum catalog entries about him and his family of painters. She lives in Old Town with her geologist husband, Dr. Marty Yates. In her spare time, she enjoys travel, taking photographs, visiting museums, and spending time with friends and family.