Natural Gas

Sewall’s geospatial professionals work for natural gas companies throughout the U.S. providing a broad range of consulting services such as asset management, field data collection, remote sensing, and addressing federal regulations such as determining class locations and high consequence areas.  

Asset Management

For over a half-century, Sewall has provided an extensive array of asset management services. 

  • Assess and inventory existing digital and non-digital data 
  • Migrate hardcopy records (maps, plans, drawings, etc.) to digital media  
  • Design and implement optimal database schemas 
  • Provide platforms for managing and collecting data in several environments, including desktop, web-based, and offline fieldwork  
  • Expand existing data by incorporating new data sources, new methodologies, and/or by connecting to related resources 

Field Data Collection

Sewall’s Mobile Verify™ platform supports field data collection and verification efforts. Configured to conduct offline field surveys of natural gas transmission pipeline corridors, Mobile Verify™ is used to collect asset information in the field. Collected data and fieldwork progress is available from Sewall’s Mobile Verify Dashboard™. 

  • Flexible integration with data architecture 
  • Offline data collection capabilities 
  • Web-enabled synchronization of data 
  • Expandable, multi-user environment 
  • Configurable data validation rules 
  • Intelligent, streamlined data forms 

Remote Sensing

For over 70 years, Sewall has provided clients with high-quality aerial imagery and photogrammetric mapping. Sewall’s services include: 

  • Remote Sensing Acquisition – Capture of aerial imagery and LiDAR throughout the US and Canadian Maritimes 
  • Photogrammetric Mapping – Automated and manual collection of accurate planimetric and topographic/contour data 
  • Remote Sensing Products & Services – Digital orthoimagery, digital terrain models, digital elevation models, digital surface models, change detection 
  • Parametric Modeling – Use of terrestrial LiDAR and Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) for the capture of as-built data as inputs for asset management systems and plant-specific Building Information Modeling (BIM) 

Class Location and High Consequence Areas (HCA)

Using its own innovative and time-tested solutions, Sewall’s geospatial professionals have decades of consulting experience in assisting gas operators in achieving pipeline integrity compliance when it comes to class location and HCA. Sewall’s ClassLocator™ and HCACalculator™ are designed based upon US Department of Transportation Pipeline Safety Regulations Part 192.5 and Part 192 Subpart O, respectively.