Sewall Rebrands to Better Compete in 21st Century

Latest step for Old Town company to modernize itself after TFIC acquisition in 2018

OLD TOWN, ME – Sewall unveiled a new logo, look, and brand today, as part of an overall effort to modernize the business and better prepare it for stability and growth in the years ahead. Sewall, formally known as James W. Sewall Company, is headquartered in Old Town and has been in business since 1880.

“This is about more than just a new look and logo,” said George Campbell, president at Sewall. “This is about a new outlook for this company, and a new vision that provides an opportunity to grow with the changing times. We’ve been working hard at that outlook and vision, and now is the time to show the world that we’re changing. The experience, dedication, and first-class workers are the same, but the approach is changing for the better.”

Sewall’s new logo is blue with thicker lettering than its most recent logo. The last letter in the name “Sewall” is a vertical structure in the shape of an “l.” The company’s tag line in the logo is “The evolution of expertise.”

“The evolution of expertise encapsulates this company so well,” said Campbell. “The expertise here is still the best in the business. But that expertise has evolved to adapt to the changing times. The expertise now must focus on real world issues of today and tomorrow like climate change, aging infrastructure, and being able to make proper investments. Sewall’s expertise has certainly evolved to a point where we can offer a full range of solutions to our clients.”

Sewall was acquired by Treadwell Franklin Infrastructure Capital, LLC (TFIC) in May of 2018. TFIC stated that the company needed more professional bandwidth to support their efforts, which Sewall immediately brought to the table. Campbell shifted his TFIC focus to include duties as president at Sewall, and has been working with both companies to better serve clients in need of complex and pricey infrastructure projects.

In 2019, the company hired six new employees including engineers, a surveyor, and a new CFO. Sewall also purchased Maine Traffic Resources in 2019 to support its own ability to help communities and industry face new infrastructure needs.

“This company and its employees have done a lot of good work in just two years to prepare for the future,” said Campbell. “As Sewall enters its 140th year in business, that work will continue. I am confident that this company is better prepared to grow and adapt to the world around us than ever before.”

With the rebrand, Sewall has launched a new website at and can be found on LinkedIn.

About Sewall

Sewall is a multi-disciplined consulting firm providing services to government, energy and utilities, and the forest industry. Founded in 1880, Sewall is comprised of professional engineers, surveyors, natural resource consultants, and geospatial and information consultants and technologists. Sewall’s owner, Treadwell Franklin Infrastructure Capital LLC (TFIC), is an integrated infrastructure business that focuses on developing and sponsoring the commercial infrastructure of the United States. It is a fundless sponsor – an originator and servicer – of infrastructure investments for private equity, family office, and institutional investors.